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Payandeh Art Studio

Payandeh Art Studio

About Us

Payandeh Design brings 25 years of expertise in a broad array of architectural and interior design. Working closely with your entire construction team, we help customize and create a unique design for your project. We have crafted distinctive visions for all manner of corporate and medical offices, retail space, and custom homes. With our proprietary materials and processes, we can help you stand out from the crowd.


Awards and recognitions


Architecture and interior design, luxury residential, Calabasas, California


Art installation and interior design, Malibu , California


Art installation in Ventura County, California

Art Installation and design for Foot & Ankle Alliance Surgery Center building, Los Angeles, California

Art installation for the lobby of the Oxnard Solar Properties, LLC building in Oxnard, California


Art installation in Ventura County, California

Production design for G.O.D. Award Conference at the United Nations New York, New York

4m x 14m art installation for the MRI room for the Advance Neurodiagnostic Center Building, New Orleans, Louisiana


Art installation and interior design for Advance Neurodiagnostic Center Building, New Orleans, Louisiana

Exhibition of painting, Los Angeles, California

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Meet The Team

Ahmed Shawky

Co-Founder / Design

Jone Darlene

CEO / Architect

Martin Tyrell

Architect / Designer
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